Monday, July 12, 2010

My baby can sign! (Your baby can sign too!)

Our just-turned-one-year-old baby girl Rysse is my "newest" student! :) I admit that I have not been as "obsessed" with teaching Rysse as I was with Tim, wherein I tried my best to have a special "learning time" with him, even when he was still a toddler. For practical purposes, with Rysse, I have incorporated our "lessons" in our everyday routines, especially during our special "Mama and Rysse" bonding time, while Papa and Tim have theirs. :)

And so it was sheer joy for me when I discovered that Rysse now knows some of the basic baby signs, even if I have not been so consistent in teaching her. She now knows how to sign "milk", "more", "eat", "no", "yes", "go", and "poop." (Though it's funny sometimes her "poop" sign looks like her "milk" or "dede" sign! hahahaha). Anyway, I AM SO PROUD. And grateful to the LORD. :) How amazing kids can be! We just have to tap that potential in them! :)

All you Mamas out there, YOUR BABY CAN SIGN TOO! I didn't buy any expensive products or books but mostly got some signing tips from babycare books given during the baby shower held for Tim waaay back in 2006 (yes, Tim used to sign too! And he still remembers the signs I taught him up to this day!) and also from online sites such as and Just google "free baby signs" and choose the site that's most appropriate for you!

We also found these DVDs helpful. Perhaps they can be of help to you too! :) Happy teaching and happy signing! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Importance of Support For First-time Homeschoolers

In my previous post, which was about 2 weeks ago, I lamented about the seeming lack of understanding and support for our decision to homeschool preschool Tim who will be turning 4 in October. Since then, a lot of things have happened, and I can only say that I am further convicted to homeschool Tim, at least during the preschool years (hubby and I are still discerning on what happens beyond preschool).

Three significant things happened that further emphasized the need to promote the cause of homeschooling among other less-informed people, and also stressed the importance of support for first-time homeschoolers, like ourselves, who could easily have given up on our decision to homeschool.

First, I was able to chat with two homeschooling mommies, Michelle and Josette. I have never met Michelle in person but chatting with her was like chatting with a friend from long ago. She gave some very inspiring and informative input about HSing, and I am really grateful that we met online. As for Josette, she was one of my "mentors" when I was a campus youth leader, and later on a mission volunteer for our Catholic community. She and her family moved to the US a long time ago and we had lost touch but thanks to Facebook, we got reconnected and started sharing homeschooling and mommy stories. It was truly divine intervention! Indeed, chatting with these two mommies made me feel less "alone" in this homeschooling journey! Thank You Lord!

Second, hubby and I were able to talk to our leaders in the community about our past mission, our current situation and hopes for the future, including our homeschooling plans. It was wonderful to know that our elders support us 100% in our decision and promised to pray for us and our plans. God is sooo good!

Third, we were also finally able to pay a visit to the Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA). This is a homeschool founded by none other than renowned Catholic lay preacher and evangelist Bo Sanchez. We were able to purchase a DVD of the Orientation they usually give to parents, and were assured by the person in charge that we are on the right track with Tim so far, and were in fact, recommended to start the formal Kindergarten curriculum for Tim next year. She even let me browse through the materials they had, and to my pride and joy, it seems that Tim is a bit advanced in some areas, based on their curriculum. Praise GOD for mission and the opportunities it gave me to spend time with Tim and teach him through our play sessions!

In all these, I can only say that God is slowly setting the path for our homeschooling journey. Although we have informally started homepreschooling Tim, it is good to know that there are others like us, journeying the same path. It is good to know that we are not alone. First, we have our Lord, who is guiding us every step of the way (except when we're stubborn and refuse to listen!). Then, we have family (my parents are totally supportive of our homepreschooling!) and friends, especially from community, who support us and pray for us. Yes, there are still people who think we're depriving Tim of a good education by not letting "real" teachers teach him, but at least now, I have less doubts and fears about doing this.

I am so blessed! We are so blessed! In fact, you could say we are TRULY RICH! Thank You Jesus!

P.S. By the way, I have a new blog: I haven't decided whether to keep this blog separately dedicated to our homeschooling journey, or just combine all posts at trulyrichmom. In the meantime, if you're following this blog, do take the time to visit me at trulyrichmom and follow me there too, just in case! :) Thanks! Godbless us all!